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Distribusion uses cookies and tools in order to ensure the most efficient operation of the Website. When such processing is not essential for the proper functioning of the Website, Distribusion only stores cookies on a user’s device and/or tracks them after having obtained the user’s consent.



Cookies allow the Website to recognize repeat visitors and enable Distribusion to collect information about users’ behavior, including the country from which they access the Website, the web browser software and operating system they use, their IP address, the visited pages and the features of the Website used. 

Cookies are pieces of information (small text files) with variable content that are sent by the web server and stored on the computing device, and make it possible to retrieve certain information about its user. Cookies are ‘passive’ in that they do not contain executable files, viruses or spyware, and do not have access to the data stored on the visitor’s hard disk.

Cookies can be either ‘persistent’ or ‘session’: 

  • ‘persistent’ cookies: stored on the computing device until the set expiration time, provided that the user does not delete them earlier. 

  • ‘session’ cookies: automatically erased when the browser is closed. 

Cookies do not contain executables files, viruses or spyware, and do not have access to the data stored on the used computing device storage.

In terms of functionalities, Distribusion may use the following three types of cookies: 

  • ‘essential’: required for technical reasons to enable the proper functioning of the Website. This type of cookie cannot be disabled and visitors’ consent is not required for the use of such cookies; 

  • ‘marketing’: used to make the Website and the ads that appear in it relevant to visitor’s interests. For this purpose, this information may be shared with third parties. 

  •  ‘functional’: enable the visitor to customize the Website’s content according to his/her preferences (e.g. choosing a language, region, changing text size, font, and etc.) Preference cookies can be disabled which may result in making the Website experience less functional but still usable. 

  • ‘analytical’: used for measuring traffic and analyzing page conversion. Analytical cookies can be disabled;

The table below provides detailed information on the different cookies used:


Website visitors may delete cookies from their computer at any time, or disable their use in their browser by enabling the browser settings to deny the use of some/all cookies. However, disabling all cookies (including the ‘essential’ ones) may restrict the functionality of the Website and visitors may not have access to it or to parts of it. 

More information about cookies and how to disable them may be found on: Information on how to manage cookies based on the preferred browser may be found as follows: 

  • Google Chrome 

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Mozilla Firefox 

  • Opera

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 

  • Apple Safari​​

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